Thursday, November 4, 2010

Make Money on MoraChat

So in other articles here we have talked about a variety of things now and the different topics, there is a key in making this type of forum work for the owner and the users who use the community as a place to visit and earn a little extra cash. What is the key to earning on MoraChat you may ask? well that is pretty simple you open a topic you like and respond to it, three lines or more in order to fit the posting protocol. Following posting protocol is the most important thing so posts do not get deleted as the moderators do not have time to simply edit everything, after your 14 day period you should know all the rules by now.

Answer everything with a through answer and you'll be fine in making money on MoraChat Post to as many topics as possible and you'll earn money in no time, spending all day on the site however can make you feel restless and a little bored so simply take your time and leave for an hour then come back if you can't find something to talk about, heck make your own topics and for every time someone responds you earn a little as well, so make a great topic that people love.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Movies At MoraChat

Movies are an important part of our lifespan as it is used in almost daily lifestyle within the households around the world, MoraChat provides a section just to talk about movies.

People provide threads about movie reviews from anything that they have seen in the cinema to things they have viewed on DVD, everyone has unique ideas and reviews on different movies that you as a user can see. Actors from a variety of backgrounds and from around the world are also talked about, ones that people look up to as their idol.

MoraChat is a place where people come together as a community to talk about things that interest them, as the movie section is only one spot someone can talk in and earn a few cents to add towards their extra cash, its another place where they can become friends as well with other users. So take your time and enjoy the movie section along with the other topics of interest.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween From MoraChat

Today is October 31st Halloween night, MoraChat would love to wish all of her readers a wonderful Halloween and hope their families have been enjoying the Halloween festivities such as Trick O treating with the children and Parties for the adults. MoraChat has a ton of goodies to view with new threads and posts coming up daily, don't miss out on this site as there is something for everyone!

Don't forget to talk about your favorite Halloween things like what your favorite monsters may be, how much candy your little ones had gotten and maybe how much fun you had at the parties with music and all your friends there. Although many people do not celebrate Halloween however a good few still do! Halloween is a time for tricks and treats, how about telling us what your favorite candies are and favorite Halloween decorations.

MoraChat would love to hear about your favorite costumes and what you dressed up as on Halloween and if you ever passed out candies, what kind of candy did you pass out for the kids to enjoy while they stopped at your house? Be sure to post the topic in the correct forum so you do not get penalized for it!!

Please feel free to leave comments here!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Blogging And Blogs At MoraChat

Blogging is important in order to promote something such as a website or a blog, MoraChat is a great site to find out more information for it in their blogging and blogs discussion forum. In this forum people talk about personal blogs and other types of blogs that can help earn you money along with themselves, there are threads in this category that tell how to keep and run a successful blog. Once in a great while there will be tutorials on how to get started making your own blog or website, as MoraChat is a great starting point in learning how to write it is suggested to sign up with them.

Advertising is another big key point in blogging, at Morachat they will give you answers in how to promote it and how to advertise so that you know how to promote and earn cash from the experience, if you know how to advertise you can come to this community and share the ideas and key points with other users, morachat is a good foundation for starting something like this and many people will be grateful for any and all help that you can give them. Please leave comments below.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Graphics on MoraChat

Graphics are an important part of a website, yes even on MoraChat they are important. There is a section for graphics where you can ask someone to design something for you, it is also a place where you can show off your designs and perhaps get orders. Getting orders for graphics can help boost your reputation and bring even more orders in, MoraChat is a wonderful place to start.

Once you have a good design people will promote it, so with a good landing point at MoraChat, you will go far and more and more people will see what wonderful things you can do. While at MoraChat you can get paid simply by posting your designs to be commented on, when someone responds to your thread you in return get money as well for each reply given. The more replies the better you earn so even ask your friends to sign up and comment on your graphic designs in that specific category, also be sure to read the rules so that you are following them and do not break any.

Please follow all of the rules to the site in order to get paid to chat, if you break rules they delete threads and take away money. If you are unsure of a specific rule or any of the regulations are unclear you can always private message one of the moderators and ask about the rules, they will explain more in depth for you.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

MoraChat Shop

Did you know that MoraChat has a wonderful shop? You do now! Everyone loves to shop be it at a convenient store or one of those large shopping malls, people even love to shop online as I know I sure do! If you are like me and love to shop online this is a great store to check out over on MoraChat it sells things like E-books and software, the brilliant admin over there has put all of these items together for people to buy and enjoy if they so wish to. If you want to get a gift for someone there are also gift cards you can purchase to give someone else so that they can buy something from this awesome MoraChat Shop.

Now let me tell you a little bit about the items in the Shop, E-books. These are books that you can buy and read online, they are loaded with a ton of useful information anywhere from learning how to be a ghost writer to how to earn cash using Google Adsense. Google Adsense is a top leader in producing a variety of ads for your websites and thus earning an income from the sites and ads that are placed on them. There are even books about health and fitness and learning how to better take care of your body, taking care of yourself is one of the most important things.

Don't forget! Check back often for new things, everything is usually updated once in a while and who knows what you will find next, perhaps something new and interesting that will perk your ideal interests and tastes. Please Ladies and Gentlemen, don't miss out on this hot shop!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Just Hanging Out-MoraChat

MoraChat has a "Just Hanging Out" Section on the forums, in this particular area a ton of wonderful things are talked about. Here you can find out what the weather was on a specific day and in a specific country or state if someone posts it, the weather and temperature changes daily and often people post what it is. There is even a fun game thread going on called Word Association, in this specific thread you post a word and then add what you think comes next, for example. Tower-Heights, then you give a description about Heights." Heights is when your climbing a ladder and you are way up high on the top and on the building, this is called a height and sometimes people are afraid of heights."

As Word Association is one thing there are a variety of other threads that you can respond to with a post, this area is well basically as it says, you are really just hanging out and writing comes to mind. There is also "Come Twitter what your up to" this is a thread where similar to twitter you can write what you are up to, usually people write what they have done earlier on the day or what they are going to do later on, it all depends on what the user wants to write like on twitter, however on this thread you can write as much as you want and it is not limited to what you write.

If you feel like sharing your horoscope as well there is a thread in the Just Hanging out section where you can post your horoscope for the day, but re word it and be sure you do not break any of the rules by copy and posting something. Copy and Pasting is against the law!! so now go sign up to MoraChat at and enjoy yourself on this wonderful paid to post site or paid to chat forum. Don't forget if you ever have any questions be sure to pm one of the moderators as they will surely help you out!